INETWIZ - Setting up your Internet

First, click on Start.  Then click Run.  In the white textbox, type in inetwiz then click OK.  You will get the following window.
Place a dot next to Connect using my phone line

If this is a brand new setup, you might get to skip this window.  Choose Create a new dial-up connection.  Click Next.

Type in the access number according to your area.  Visit the Access Numbers section at and search for access number with the same area code as your phone's area code. *VNI is not responsible for toll charges*  Click Next

Type in your User ID and your password, then click Next.

Type in surfside for Connection name, then click Next.

Place a dot next to Yes, then click Next.

Type in your first and last name like the example, then click Next.

Type in YOUR email address, then click Next.

Type in for both incoming and outgoing mail server, then type Next.

Type in your Account Name (the first part of your email address) and the password, then click Next.

Click Finish and you're ready to explore the Internet!  Just open up Internet Explorer or Outlook Express to connect!