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Questions and Answers about Browser:
(Please read these instructions before call VNI Technical support)
1 - When I am connected to the internet, I cannot go to some websites.
2 - Why is it when I connect, the Go2VNI homepage does not come up?
3 - When I go to some Vietnamese websites, I cannot see Vietnamese correctly.

Q: 1 - When I am connected to the internet, I cannot go to any other websites.

A: It could be that you are really not logged on. Look at the bottom right hand corner of the task bar. If there is a small icon representing a modem with two green or red terminals flashing or a small icon representing two computers connected by a phone line, then you are connected. If these icons are not present then you are not connected. Close out of the screen, and log on again. Or, establish an internet connection through the VNI Dial-up Networking icon found on the desktop. If you cannot go to a specific website it is very likely that you are connected to the internet, only the web site's servers are down temporarily.
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Q: 2 - Why is it when I connect, the Go2vni homepage does not come up?

A: Go to the internet icon on the desktop, and right button click on it. Scroll down to properties and right click. Go to General tab. Under Address, type in: http://www.go2vni.com when completed, click "Apply" and then "OK". Accessing the internet properties panel can also be achieved through double-clicking the "Internet" icon found within the "Control Panel".
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Q: 3- When I goes to some Vietnamese web sites, I cannot see Vietnamese correctly.

A: There are many Vietnamese web sites using VNI font. You should buy VNI fonts to view those website correctly. There are web site using Vietnamese Unicode fonts. You should download (freely) the Unicode fonts from Microsoft web site such as: Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Courier, Courier New, San-Serif. There are some web site using other Vietnamese standard font from ABC, VIQR, Vietware, VSP, VISCII... You should buy WEBEYE2002 computer program from VNI Software Co. to be able to view correctly all Vietnamese web sites.
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