How to Manually Create a Dial-Up Connection in Windows 98 & Windows 95

  1. Double Left Click on your My Computer Icon.

  2. Double Left Click on the Dial-Up Networking folder.
  3. Double Left Click on Make New Connection.
  4. Input VNI Internet Access as the Computer you are dialing.
  5. Insure that your modem is selected below.
  6. Click on the Next Button.
  7. Put in a Local Phone Number in the Telephone Number Box. Click here to get Access Numbers.
  8. Insure that your Area Code is in the box.
  9. Click on the Next Button.
  10. Click on the Finish Button.
  11. Double Left Click on the new VNI Internet Access icon.
  12. Input your Username in the Username Box.
  13. Input your Password in the Password.
  14. Remember that your password is Case Sensitive.
  15. Click on Connect to dial with your Manually created connection.<
    img height=301 src="images/m-winME-9.gif" width=360 border=0>